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Optional Calculation Spreadsheet Instructions

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Spreadsheet Usage Warning

E-GGRT currently reflects the rules deferring reporting of inputs to emission equations for direct emitters. In August 2011, EPA deferred the reporting deadline for inputs to equations until either March 31, 2013 or March 31, 2015 to allow time to fully evaluate the potential impact from the release of this data. The inputs to equations whose reporting deadline was deferred until 2013 are listed in Table A-6 of subpart A of the GHG reporting rule. e-GGRT webforms and reporting forms have been modified to include input to equations that are no longer deferred. As a result some optional calculation spreadsheets that were use in prior reporting years have been subsumed by webforms or reporting forms and are no longer provided below. Please refer to the calculation spreadsheet archive to review obsolete calculation spreadsheets.


Calculation spreadsheets include no rounding of results. All calculations in these spreadsheets are conducted using double decimal precision, as native in MS Excel, presented on the spreadsheet displaying 7 decimals of precision. Users may copy the results from spreadsheets into e-GGRT manually or by using a copy and paste commnand.

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Calculation Spreadsheets

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