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Issues and Workarounds for e-GGRT RY2016

If you submit GHG annual reports via the bulk XML upload method, see XML Known Issues.

Subject Area




Subpart W

Issue: Minor formatting issues were identified both the regular and supersize reporting forms and corrected on the (l) Well testing, (o) Centrifugal compressors, and (p) Reciprocating compressors tabs. These revised reporting forms were posted on 1/31/2017 so forms downloaded after that date are unaffected.

Workaround:  You may continue to use the 1/26/2017 version of the forms, however a relatively few number of cells may appear with a dark background when they should be light blue, making it hard to read.  This formatting issue does not affect the functionality of the form.  If you enter all the required data in the 1/26/2017 form your submission will not be affected. We recommend using the latest version of forms if at all possible

Reference EGGRT-7532


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