Using e-GGRT to Prepare Your Subpart U Report for RY 2014 and Later
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As of February 2014, the excel-based Subpart U Reporting Form has been retired and replaced by web-based data entry screens.  These new screens provide a better opportunity for immediate validation of your data and will help reduce the number of call backs and verification messages you receive from EPA.  If you wish to resubmit a Subpart U report from reporting year 2010, 2011 or 2012 you must resubmit using the new web form-based application.

This page provides an overview of Subpart U reporting through e-GGRT.

Once you have added Subpart U to the list of subparts you will report and have clicked on the "Open" link next to Subpart U, you will see the following screen:

First you must select the calculation method you have used for your reporting.  Use the radio button to select the Calcination fraction method (Eq. U-1) or the Mass of carbonate output method (Eq. U-2).

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Once you have selected a calculation method, you need to add one or more carbonates before you can use the Inputs Verifier Tool to calculate emissions.

Click ADD a Carbonate to open the Carbonate detail page:

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Repeat this process for each of the carbonate inputs to your process, each time clicking SAVE.  When you have saved your last carbonate click Use Inputs Verifier to calculate GO.  The example below shows an Input Verifier Tool.

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Subpart Validation Report

The Validation Report assists you with determining the completeness and quality of your reported data.

We strongly encourage you to use the Validation Report to check your work. The Validation Report performs two types of checks:

  • Data Completeness: Data required for reporting that are missing or incomplete.
  • Data Quality: Data that are outside of the expected range of values.

Certain validation checks which are considered to represent critical errors must be corrected before you can successfully generate and submit your Annual Report. These checks are signified with a stop sign . If you feel that you have triggered one of these critical “stop signs” checks in error, or if there’s a reason why your report should be submitted despite the check being triggered, please submit a request to the e-GGRT Help Desk at

You may view the Validation Report at any time.

Note that the Validation Report is intended to assist users in entering data, but it is not an indication that the reporter has entered all necessary information, nor is it an indication that the reporter is in compliance with part 98. Furthermore, a negative finding on the validation report is not a guarantee that a data element was entered incorrectly. For more detail on the Validation Report and its functionality please review the Subpart Validation Report page.

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