Submitting Your Annual Report With IVT Results Included

Once you have entered your GHG data using the e-GGRT web-forms, you are ready to generate, then submit your annual GHG report.

Step 1. Generate your annual GHG report

Under the SUBMIT ANNUAL REPORT table and click GENERATE/SUBMIT. Clicking GENERATE/SUBMIT begins the process of generating an annual GHG report - clicking this button does NOT submit your report. You would also use this button if you have made changes in e-GGRT to your data and wish to generate and submit a revision to your annual GHG report.

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On the following page, your report status will show as "Not Generated". Click the GENERATE REPORT button to begin. E-GGRT will start the process of generating your annual GHG report. The process generally takes less than 1 minute and you can wait for the process to complete, or you may leave e-GGRT and return at a later time.  If you attempt to generate your report without first loading your inputs file you will get the following warning:

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Once your report has been generated your submission page will appear as below. 

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 Step 2. Review your annual report

You can now review your annual report, your verification summary, and download record files.

e-GGRT will indicate that your report is Ready for Review. Within this page you have a number of buttons or links which provide different ways to review your reported data or inputs including:

  • Report:  this  link will open a browser window with a textual presentation of your reported data suitable for printing
  • XML: this link will open your default XML viewer, usually a browser window and present your reported data in XML format
  • View Verification Result: this link take you to the Subpart overview screen for the verification result requested.  From here you can open your verification report.
  • Input File by HTML: this link will open a browser window with a textual presentation of your inputs data suitable for printing
  • Input File by XML: this button will open your default XML viewer, and present your inputs data in XML format
  • Input File by Zip: this button will allow you to download a zip file that includes your inputs in both HTML report and XML form
  • Verification Review:  This button will open the verification review page where you can view you IVT verification results and add explanatory comment regarding each verification issue

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