Saving Data in e-GGRT

E-GGRT saves entered data each time a green SAVE button is clicked.

Newly entered data, if not saved, may be lost as a result of one of the following user actions:

  • Navigating away from a page on which data was entered without first clicking SAVE (i.e. clicking CANCEL or your browser's BACK button)
  • Revising certain "upstream" data elements that result in a change of "downstream" requirements (i.e. revising a calculation methodology after having entered data required for the original calculation methodology)
  • Ending your session (logging off) without first clicking SAVE
  • Having your session ended automatically due to 15 minutes of inactivity without first clicking SAVE (see Timeout Warning)
  • Closing your browser without first clicking SAVE

E-GGRT was designed to be flexible to accommodate simultaneous user updates on different subparts within the same facility/supplier, or at different units within the same subpart. It should be noted, however, that there is no hierarchy based on role and as a result, the LAST edited or updated and saved data will be saved into the database should users attempt to update the 'same' data.

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