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Resetting your Facility to Create a New Inputs Verifier File
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After you have accessed IVT and saved an inputs tile, the next time you login to e-GGRT will prompt you to upload your inputs file.   This ensures that you will not need to re-enter your complete set of inputs each time you access the system.  If you cannot locate your inputs file, you will need to ‘reset’ your facility.  Resetting allows you to re-enter your IVT data from scratch.  To get to the Reset Facility option you simply need to select "OPEN" next to any subpart onthe Facility Overview page as shown below:

If you have not loaded your saved Inputs File, you will receive a message.

If you cannot locate the most recently downloaded inputs file, you must start over entering inputs data.  This is done by clicking RESET FACILITY.  You will then receive a confirmation message as shown below.

If you click OK previously entered inputs data will be lost.  Calculated data that relied on previously entered inputs may temporarily remain in visible e-GGRT but you will be required to replace your inputs data and upon replacing these data your calculated values will be updated.

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