Reporting Form Validation

You can e-GGRT's "Validation Report" feature to assist you determine the completeness of your uploaded reporting form, as well as the quality of the reporting data it contains. Use the Validation Report to check your work before submitting your data. A subpart's Validation Report may contain any of the following three types of checks:

  • Data Completeness: Identifies data required for reporting that are missing or incomplete.
  • Data Quality: Identifies numeric data that are outside of an expected range of values.
  • Screen Errors: Critical errors which prevent the acceptance of the reported data. Typically these will appear on the upload page (not the Validation Report) and will prevent the successful upload of the reporting form file until the issues are addressed.

Certain validation checks which are considered to represent critical errors must be corrected before you can successfully generate and submit your Annual Report. These checks are signified with a stop sign. If you feel that you have triggered one of these checks in error, or if there’s a reason why your report should be submitted despite the check being triggered, please submit a request to the e-GGRT Help Desk.

Note that the Validation Report is intended to assist users in entering data, but it is not an indication that the reporter has entered all necessary information, nor is it an indication that the reporter is in compliance with part 98. Furthermore a negative finding on the validation report is not a guarantee that a data element was entered incorrectly.

The validation alert area, located near the top-right of the Subpart Overview page for each subpart, indicates whether validation errors were detected by e-GGRT in the data uploaded within a reporting form file.

Validation Notification Tile

Indicated Status

e-GGRT detects no validation errors

e-GGRT detects missing or invalid data that should be reviewed by the user, and as appropriate, addressed. Use the "View Validation" link provided to access the Validation Report's listing of each validation message.

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To open the Subpart Validation Report from the Subpart Overview page, click the link near the top-right of the screen titled "Subpart: View Validation".

An example of a typical validation report is presented below. Please note that each validation report include four columns: Validation Type, ID, Details, and Message.

  • Validation Type: Identifies the type of validation warning including data completeness, data quality, or screen errors as described on the screen snap below. Please note that Screen Errors only appear on the validation report for XML Upload users because, for reporting form users, screen errors prevent reporting form upload and must be correct prior to a successful upload of the reporting form.
  • Validation ID: Each validation rule has a unique validation id or number. Please note that a single validation ID may be reported for multiple items or rows within your reporting form and includes a letter prefix which corresponds to the subpart.
  • Validation Details: Identifies the specific item, row, or data element which is generating a validation issue. This column's use varies by subpart, but in general it identifies the page or table name as the ID Type, and the specific field or column in which the issue occurred as Data Object Type, the specific data element or table row in which the issue occurred as ID Value. The name of the reporting form file in which the error occurred may also presented for those subparts or facilities which have uploaded of multiple reporting forms.
  • Validation Message: Describes the nature of the error or validation issue.

To correct a validation issue, you must correct your reporting form on your local computer and re-upload a corrected version of the reporting form.

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Each validation message has a unique identifier. If you contact the e-GGRT Help Desk with a question about a validation message, please include this unique identifier with your request.

You may view a Print-friendly version of this report by clicking on the link titled Print-friendly version, located on the right side of the Validation Report.

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