Reloading Your Inputs Verifier File
To load an inputs verifier file that has been previously saved (as would occur if you logged off and came back to e-GGRT in a later session), the user would click the link labeled "Temporarily Load Inputs Data". The user would browse to and select the inputs verifier file saved locally (to their local computer or local network drive). The IVT will accept the ZIP file or XML file previously downloaded by the user or a copy of that file (note: this file may be renamed but its contents must be identical) . The user would then click the IMPORT button to load the file to the inputs verifier tool.


If you attempt to reload an inputs verifier file that is not the one most recently saved for the facility, the user will receive the following warning message. The system prevents the user from accidentally loading an outdated file and thus losing the most recent data. Note that you may elect to choose "I Would Like to Upload this File" and the system will attempt to reconcile all validation messages and IVT calculations (which are based on the most recently-saved file) based on the inputs contained in the old file that you are electing to load. If you elect to proceed to upload an old file, it is highly recommended that you review all equation inputs and calculations to ensure your annual report is complete and accurate.

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