How to View, Download, or Resubmit a Previous Submission

This page serves as a help tool to view, download, or resubmit a previous submission. Each year a facility or supplier submits a report, a copy of the report for that facility or supplier is saved in the e-GGRT system. This feature allows you to view, download, or resubmit a report from previous years. To complete any one of these tasks, login to your e-GGRT account and follow the instructions listed below.

Viewing and Downloading a Previously Submitted Report

From the home page, select the DATA REPORTING tab at the top of the screen.

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Next, on the right hand side of the screen, use the REPORTING YEAR drop-down menu to select the reporting year you want to view and click the GO button.

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Click the OPEN button under Facility Overview to open the facility of interest.

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This will open the facility overview screen for the facility and year you have selected. In order to view a report, find the ANNUAL REPORT SUBMISSION HISTORY table. Within this table you will see each version of the annual report which has been submitted for that year. For example, some facilities or suppliers may have more than one version of the reporting form for a year depending on how many times they generated and submitted it.

Make sure to choose the most up-to-date version of the report (i.e., the one with the highest version number). The following selections are available:

  • HTML - provides a view of the report in an HTML framework.
  • XML - provides a view of the report in an XML framework.  
  • Receipt - provides a copy of the submission receipt you received upon originally submitting your report.
  • Download ZIP - provides a zipped copy of your submission including your HTML report, XML submission, and any reporting forms attached to the submission.
  • Comprehensive Verification Summary - provides a summary report of any validation messages that may have resulted during data entry or report generation.

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Users wishing to obtain copies of their XML or reporting forms should use the ZIP link. When you click on the ZIP link, a file download screen will appear which gives you the option to either open the file or save it.

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If you want to make changes to portions of the XML file or to one or more reporting forms, it is best to click Save, and from the drop-down menu, Save as type, select All Files, and click Save. Wait for the download to finish and go to the folder where you saved the zip file and open it. From your zip application you will have an option to save one or more of the file's contents to a local folder.

Downloading a New Reporting Form

If you need to start with a new reporting form, again select the year of the report you wish to edit, click the DATA REPORTING tab and go to Report Data. Next, under Subpart Reporting, click the blue OPEN button for the correct subpart. Then, under Download Form, click the blue reporting form link. In the new window, scroll down to the table and select and download the reporting form for the desired subpart. (For subpart W, if you are reporting a large amount data that will not fit in the standard Subpart W Reporting Form, select the Subpart W Supersize Reporting Form, which includes additional data space.)

Save the new reporting form, and fill it out with the updated information.

Revising a Webform

From the Facility Overview page, select the subpart you wish to revise. Navigate to the data elements you wish to revise as you would if you were completing an original report and make the necessary revisions. Save the changes on each page you revise before returning to the Facility Overview page. 

Uploading a Revised Reporting Form

To resubmit a reporting form, make sure you have updated your reporting form file to reflect the changes you want to include in the revised submission.

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On the Subpart Overview page, click the Browse button in the upload section. Locate and highlight the spreadsheet file for the reporting form you wish to submit and then click the blue UPLOAD button. If your report has no errors, a box with a green check mark will appear on the right hand side of the screen and read No Validation Messages. This means that your report is ready to be regenerated.

If your report contains errors, a box titled Screen Errors will appear with the corrections that need to be made before your report can be uploaded.

Once you have fixed those errors and received the green check indicating that you have no validation messages, scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Uploaded File Name, make sure that the new file name is reflected in the box. Next, click Facility Overview to proceed to the report generation steps.

Uploading a Revised XML File

From the Facility or Supplier Overview page, click Browse in the "UPLOAD GHG ZIP and GENERATE REPORT" section. Find and select the XML file you wish to upload and click UPLOAD.

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e-GGRT will prompt you to upload the XML Inputs Verifier File if one is required. If so, click Browse to locate the Inputs Verifier File you wish to upload, and then click UPLOAD.

The system will begin to process the XML file(s) in order to prepare final a Verification Summary for review. During this processing, the system will indicate a status of "In progress." Processing may take from 1 to 10 minutes, depending upon the volume of data, but typically takes less than 1 minute.

When finished, the page will reload and display a status of "Ready for review."

Regenerating a Revised Report

To regenerate an annual report, find the FINAL REVIEW and REPORT SUBMISSIONS table and click the GO button. Clicking on the GO button begins the process of generating an annual GHG report - clicking this button does NOT submit the report.

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On the following page, if your report is successfully generated the status will be displayed as "Ready for Review".

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Submitting and Certifying a Revised Report

Click the "Continue with Report Submission" button to proceed to the remaining steps of report review and certification.

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On the next page, review your submission and when ready, click the green SUBMIT button.

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A pop-up message will appear indicating you are about to submit and certify an annual GHG report. Click OK to continue.

On the next page, read and agree to all statements by entering your e-GGRT account password at the bottom of the page, and click the green SUBMIT button.

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Next you will be prompted to answer your Challenge Question. Enter the correct answer and click the SUBMIT button.

On the next screen, a Report Submission Confirmation will be displayed which you may print for your records.

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