Understanding Facility Types

In the direct emitters section of FLIGHT you will note that there are 9 industry groupings listed across the top of the page. This data dashboard allows you to filter which facility types you wish to view in the map interface and explore using our analytical tools. Note that for some industry groupings, you can further divide industry groupings into unique types by checking and un-checking specific sub-sectors. Note that using the "SELECT ALL" and "DESELECT ALL" buttons will erase any previous choices. 

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Once a user has selected the sectors and sub-sectors they might like to view, clicking the "Apply Search" button, which will turn green and shake when any new choices were made, will confirm their selection and filter the map and other data views. 

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In the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, facilities reported direct emissions from 32 different facility level processes. For a table that shows how these 32 different processes are mapped to the 9 industry groupings in our tool, visit the Who Reports? section.

In many cases, facilities engage in multiple processes that generate greenhouse gas emissions. In those cases, a facility would be included in all industry groups to which it belongs. For example, a refinery who also produced hydrogen would be included in both the "refineries" industry grouping and also under "Chemicals - Hydrogen Production". For an explanation as to how emissions from this facility are aggregated to totals for each industry grouping see the Calculating GHG Totals by Industry section.

You will also notice that there are several industry subclasses listed in our data set that do not match any of the 32 direct emissions source categories finalized by EPA. All of these facilities which appear in groupings such as "Metals - Other Metals" only reported greenhouse gas emissions associated with the combustion of fossil fuels. Some of these facilities such as "Other Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems" reported emissions from other processes beginning in 2011. EPA decided to classify these facilities into industry groups based on their North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. All facilities were required to report this code to EPA. The table below shows which NAICS codes were mapped to each of these industry groupings.

Note that in the table numbers shown as "X" can be any number.


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