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FAQ > Rule Subparts > Subpart C. General Stationary Fuel Combustion Sources > Q331. Am I required to report emissions for emergency generators?
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Q331. Am I required to report emissions for emergency generators?


A331. Emergency generators are exempted from reporting emissions under subpart C if the equipment meets the following definition in §98.6: "Emergency generator means a stationary combustion device, such as a reciprocating internal combustion engine or turbine that serves solely as a secondary source of mechanical or electrical power whenever the primary energy supply is disrupted or discontinued during power outages or natural disasters that are beyond the control of the owner or operator of a facility. An emergency generator operates only during emergency situations, for training of personnel under simulated emergency conditions, as part of emergency demand response procedures, or for standard performance testing procedures as required by law or by the generator manufacturer. A generator that serves as a back-up power source under conditions of load shedding, peak shaving, power interruptions pursuant to an interruptible power service agreement, or scheduled facility maintenance shall not be considered an emergency generator." If the definition of emergency generator is not satisfied, then the equipment is required to be reported under subpart C.


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