Q847. What should I do if my facility merged into another facility?

A847. If your entire facility has merged into another facility or supplier that is already reporting to the GHGRP, then you may discontinue reporting to the program provided that you submit a notification to the EPA to this regard no later than March 31st of the year immediately following the changes.  With this notification, you must also provide the e-GGRT identification number of the facility into which your facility merged, aka the reconstituted facility.  To notify EPA, log into e-GGRT, click the Reporting Tab, select the year during which the facility merged, and select the facility that will be discontinuing reporting.  You will be presented with the Facility Overview page.  On the Facility Overview page, click the link to "Notify EPA that this facility will not submit a Reporting Year annual report”.  You will be presented with the Notification to Discontinue page.  Click the button that the “Facility has merged.”  Then enter the e-GGRT identification number of the reconstituted facility.

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