Correspondence Tracking

e-GGRT is equipped with a correspondence tracking feature to facilitate communication between reporters and EPA via posted messages and uploaded documents. This feature is designed to allow the user to have a confidential discussion regarding the submission with EPA.

EPA use the correspondence tracking feature to notify facilities of determinations and to identify potential substantive issues with a facility's reporting which MAY need correction. If you receive a correspondence tracking issue notification from EPA you should access the facility’s correspondence folder, open the issue referenced in the notification, and reply to each message contained within. In your replies you may ask additional questions or for clarification, discuss your assessment of the issues presented by EPA, refute the validity of those issues, and or acknowledge those issues and your plans correct and resubmit. Please note that issues for which a message has not been replied to will have the status “Message(s) Awaiting Reply”. Once all Messages within an issue have been replied to, the issue’s status will become “All Messages Replied To”. For each reply e-GGRT sends notification of a reply to the cognizant personnel at EPA.

To view issue details and respond to EPA's request for further information, follow the instructions below.

Login to e-GGRT using your username and password and you will be directed to the HOME tab.

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On the HOME tab (UA1-2 screen), click the name of your facility in the YOUR FACILTIES table.

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On the Facility Summary page (FM1-2 screen), click the EPA Correspondence Folder link near the lower right of the screen.

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On the Correspondence Folder page (FM(ctFolder) screen), select an issue by clicking the issue number in the first column of the ISSUES table.

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To upload a document or other file for EPA review, click the "ADD an Attachment" link below the ATTACHMENTS table.

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On the Upload Attachment page (FM(ctUpload) screen), click the Browse button and select the file you wish to upload.

When finished, click ATTACH.

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Next, type your reply message in the provided text box.

When finished, click POST REPLY to submit your message and any uploaded attachments (if applicable).

Your message will be posted to this e-GGRT screen and EPA will receive an email confirming that your reply was posted for their review.

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