How to Submit an Annual Report

Once you have entered your GHG data using the e-GGRT web-forms, you are ready to generate, then submit your annual GHG report.

To begin, log in to e-GGRT to reach the e-GGRT home page.

From the e-GGRT home page, click the DATA REPORTING tab and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Select a facility or supplier

To select a facility or supplier for which to generate and submit an annual GHG report, find the facility or supplier in the REPORTING FACILITIES table and click OPEN.

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Step 2. Generate your annual GHG report

To generate an annual GHG report for the selected facility or supplier, find the SUBMIT ANNUAL REPORT table and click GENERATE/SUBMIT. Clicking GENERATE/SUBMIT begins the process of generating an annual GHG report - clicking this button does NOT submit your report. You would also use this button if you have made changes in e-GGRT to your data and wish to generate and submit a revision to your annual GHG report. Note you can delete Annual Reports that have not been certified by clicking the red "X" icon in the "SUBMIT ANNUAL REPORT" section.

If you are not submitting an annual report for this facility or supplier, use the radio buttons near the bottom of the screen to indicate that your facility is NOT required to submit a report.

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On the following page, your report status will show as "Not Generated". Click the GENERATE REPORT button to begin. E-GGRT will start the process of generating your annual GHG report. The process generally takes less than 1 minute and you can wait for the process to complete, or you may leave e-GGRT and return at a later time.

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Step 3. Review your annual report

Once the process is complete, e-GGRT will indicate that your report is Ready for Review. To review your annual report, in the REVIEW REPORT section, click VIEW REPORT. This will open an HTML version of your report in your browser. Alternatively, you may view an XML version the report by clicking VIEW XML.

You may generate your report, review the XML and/or HTML report, correct reported data as necessary, and repeat as many times as you wish. The GENERATE REPORT process creates an annual GHG report for your review, but does not submit any data to EPA. If you do not want to proceed to SUBMIT/CERTIFY (Step 4), click the BACK button to return to the Facility Overview page.

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Step 4. Submit and Certify your annual GHG report

To submit and certify your annual GHG report to EPA, click SUBMIT/CERTIFY near the bottom of the page.

Please note that clicking on the SUBMIT/CERTIFY button will submit your annual GHG report to EPA. You will not be permitted to cancel the submission - you will be required to certify/sign the report before you will be permitted to submit a subsequent revision to your annual GHG report.

Review the FACILITY INFORMATION, CERTIFICATION STATEMENT, and NOTE TO AGENTS and if you agree to the terms of the CERTIFICATION STATEMENT, enter your e-GGRT password and click SUBMIT. When prompted, answer your challenge question to confirm your identity and click SUBMIT.

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Step 5. Review submission confirmation

e-GGRT will generate a confirmation page with submission details to indicate successful submission of your annual report. In addition, a confirmation email will be sent to your facility's representatives and agents.

To print the e-GGRT confirmation page for your records, click the link titled "Printer-friendly version."

When finished, click HOME.

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