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Q687. If all of our coal mine methane gets piped offsite to another facility, what do we need to report?

A687. If the coal mine and the other facility are separate facilities under the “facility” definition in 40 CFR 98.6 and the coal mine meets the reporting threshold, as defined in 40 CFR 98.2, then the mine must (1) calculate and report methane liberation according to equations FF-1 through FF–4, and (2) calculate and report methane and CO2 emissions according to equations FF–7 and FF-8, respectively.  If the gas is transported off–site for destruction, then the mine should use a destruction efficiency (DE) of 1.0 in equation FF–5.  Note that if the mine owns and operates any stationary combustion devices at the mine, the mine would report emissions from these combustion devices under Subpart C.  However, the mine would not report emissions from stationary combustion devices located at a separate off–site facility that combusts gas from the mine.

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