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You will not be able to return to this page during the user registration process, so please review the information carefully before you click SAVE. After you click SAVE, you will not be able to change this information until after EPA processes your Electronic Signature Agreement has been approved.

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If you do not live in the United States, please select your country from the list of countries, and select N/A from the list of states.

Contact Information Email Address

The email address you entered on the previous page will be pre-populated in the Email field. This field cannot be edited on this page.

Enter your personal email address under Contact Information. Keep your email secure: e-GGRT will use it to send you important notifications. In order to use e-GGRT, you must use an email account that you do not share with another e-GGRT user. When you sign the Electronic Signature Agreement, you agree to maintain the email address you have registered with e-GGRT. If you change your email account, you must update your user profile immediately. Make sure your email system accepts mail email from the domain

User Name & Password


User Name: Your user name may not contain spaces or symbols or begin with a number. It must be between 8 and 30 characters in length.


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Password Requirements
Password Requirements

Security Questions/Answers: Your security questions and answers are used to authenticate you in situations where you have forgotten your user name or password. Please select a security question which has relevance to you and has an answer which is not easily guessed by others.

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