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Q806. Why do trend lines in FLIGHT not include data reported in 2010?


 A806. The trends tool in FLIGHT shows reported GHG emissions by sector from 2011 through the most recent data year. Reported emissions from 2010 are not included in sector level trends presented in FLIGHT because data for some industrial sectors are not directly comparable between 2010 and subsequent years. Facilities in 29 source categories began reporting in 2010, an additional 12 source categories began reporting in 2011. Total reported emissions from each sector are available through FLIGHT for 2010 by selecting 2010 from the “Data Year” drop down menu. On a facility’s profile page, if data were reported in 2010, and data is considered comparable between 2010 and subsequent years, 2010 data is included in the facility’s emissions trend. Otherwise the facility’s trend line begins in 2011.



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