e-GGRT Now Open for 2022 GHG Reporting

The electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool (https://ghgreporting.epa.gov) is now open for 2022 reporting under EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. The deadline for submitting your facility's 2022 annual GHG report is Friday, March 31, 2023.

If you have not logged into e-GGRT recently, please note that your e-GGRT password expires every 90 days.  Click this link for information on how to reset your password

If you are new to e-GGRT, information on how to create an account is available at: Basic User Registration

Assistance is available at the e-GGRT Help Desk at Contact Us

Tips For Preparing Your Annual GHG Report for 2022

Subpart D: new in RY2022 - webforms will be pre-populated with heat input data reported to CAMD.

Subpart OO: pre-population of relevant import/export data from HAWK is available.

Subpart OO: don't forget that fluorinated gas production facilities, free-standing fluorinated GHG destruction facilities, and fluorinated GHG importers are required to report the quantity of each fluorinated GHG or fluorinated HTF that they destroy, including the chemical name, CAS, and chemical formula; see the Subpart OO information sheet for more details

Reporting Forms

EPA has made several changes to the downloadable reporting forms for Reporting Year 2022. Be sure that you download the most recent version of the reporting form(s) from https://ccdsupport.com/confluence/display/help/Reporting+Form+Instructions before you begin preparing your report.

Additional Training Opportunities

EPA will be hosting a training webinar for new e-GGRT users on March 7, 2023 at 2 PM EST. This webinar will review the basics of e-GGRT registration, report preparation, report submission, and the e-GGRT correspondence system. To register for this webinar visit: https://abtassociates.webex.com/weblink/register/r3c0aaf261e8a60b5baee90f6c900ee90

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