What is the Inputs Verifier File


The inputs verifier file contains the inputs to equations data that a user has entered in the Inputs Verifier Tool (IVT) web forms. The IVT uses the inputs to equations data elements to calculate emission values and conduct verification. Users are responsible for saving the data entered into the IVT; this information is not saved to the e-GGRT database. The IVT assists users in saving the inputs data locally on their computer by creating the Inputs Verifier File. If the user has not entered any data into the IVT, the IVT will display that “No Inputs File Exists.” Once users have begun entering inputs to equations, they can save this data by clicking "Save Inputs Data Locally." IVT then creates a zip file that contains an XML and HTML version of the inputs to equations data elements. Both these files contain the same information; the HTML version displays the data in an easy-to-read format. Users are then prompted to save this zip file to their local machine.

For more information and instructions on entering equation inputs and exporting and loading the inputs verifier file, refer to Entering Inputs and Saving Them Locally.

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