Local Distribution Companies Deferred
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Please see Reporting Form Instructions on downloading the blank reporting form and uploading the completed reporting form.
You may also refer to Optional Calculation Spreadsheet Instructions to download the Subpart W calculation spreadsheet.

This page provides an overview of the Subpart W local distribution companies deferred source category reporting requirements.

The local distribution companies source category is applicable to Natural Gas Distribution segment.

Refer to Local Distribution Companies Instructions page for information regarding non-deferred data elements.

Reporting Requirements

Note: If you do not have any above grade metering-regulating stations or transmission-distribution stations enter zero, do not leave blank. Similarly, enter zero if you have no distribution mains or services of a particular type; do not leave blank.

The facility is required to report:

NOTE: Facilities were given the option to report the deferred data in their annual reports for each year. If a facility chose to do this, then there is no requirement to submit the deferred data a second time. 

  • Complete the following table for the facility:
    • Leak factor for meter/regulator run developed in Equation W-32 of 98.233 (98.236(c)(16)(viii))
    • Number of miles of unprotected steel distribution mains (W-31) (98.236(c)(16)(ix))
    • Number of miles of protected steel distribution mains (W-31) (98.236(c)(16)(x))
    • Number of miles of plastic distribution mains (W-31) (98.236(c)(16)(xi))
    • Number of miles of cast iron distribution mains (W-31) (98.236(c)(16)(xii))
    • Number of unprotected steel distribution services (W-31) (98.236(c)(16)(xiii))
    • Number of protected steel distribution services (W-31) (98.236(c)(16)(xiv))
    • Number of plastic distribution services (W-31) (98.236(c)(16)(xv))
    • Number of copper distribution services (W-31) (98.236(c)(16)(xvi))

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