Flare Stacks Deferred
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Please see Reporting Form Instructions on downloading the blank reporting form and uploading the completed reporting form.
You may also refer to Optional Calculation Spreadsheet Instructions to download the Subpart W calculation spreadsheet.

This page provides an overview of the Subpart W deferred reporting requirements for the flare stacks source category and emissions from flares.

The flare stack emissions category is applicable to Onshore Petroleum and Natural Gas Production and Onshore Natural Gas Processing segments.

Refer to Flares and Flare Stacks Instructions page for information regarding non-deferred data elements.

Reporting Requirements

For each flare, the facility is required to report:

  • Volume of gas sent to flare (actual cubic feet per year) (98.236(c)(12)(ii))
  • Flare combustion efficiency (decimal value) (98.236(c)(12)(v))

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