Deferred Reporting: Subpart Q
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EPA deferred reporting of certain Subpart Q data elements until March 31, 2015. See 76 FR 53057 (published August 25, 2011). These deferred data must now be submitted to EPA as part of the facility’s annual GHG report.

Note: Only facilities that used the site-specific emission factors are impacted by the requirement to report previously deferred data.  Facilities that used the mass balance and/or CEMS methodology for all Subpart Q units do not need to submit deferred data.

For RY 2014, the previously deferred data has been added to the eGGRT webforms. For RY 2010-2013, reporters will need to enter this deferred data onto the Subpart Q Deferred Data Reporting Form.

Deferred data for RY2010, RY2011, RY2012, and RY2013 for up to 5 tests can be reported in separate tabs of a single subpart Q deferred data reporting form. If you have more than 5 units, or have conducted more than 5 tests, use additional copies of the reporting form file.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below for completing and submitting the subpart Q deferred data reporting form.

Step 1. Enter Facility Information in Part 1

On the RY2010 tab, enter the following information in the Part 1 - Facility Information section shown in the screen shot below:

  • Facility Name. Enter the exact name used in registering the facility in e-GGRT.
  • GHGRP ID. Enter the GHGRP ID assigned to the facility when it was registered in e-GGRT.
  • Did the facility report using the site-specific emission factor method in 2010? Select either "Yes" or "No" from the dropdown to indicate whether or not the site-specific emission factor method for RY2010. If you select "No", you do not need to enter any more information on the form the reporting year.
  • Comments. Enter any comments regarding the deferred data submitted for RY2010. This field is optional. 

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On the tabs for RY2011, RY2012 and RY2013, you will not have to re-enter the Facility Name and GHGRP ID. However, you must indicate whether or not the facility reported using the site-specific emission factor method in for the reporting year in question. You also may add reporting year-specific comments in the optional Comments data entry cell.

Step 2. Enter Iron and Steel Production Unit Information

Complete the following information for each iron and steel production unit that used the Site-specific Emission Factor Method in their GHG reporting for RY2010:

  • The name of the process unit and date of test
  • An Optional Description of the test run

The Average Hourly CO2 Emission Rate for the test in metric tons per hour

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Step 3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for the Remaining Reporting Years

Enter the facility information and production unit information (i.e., repeat Steps 1 and 2) for RY2011, RY2012 and RY2013. When you have finished entering data for all units and reporting years, save the reporting form file.

Step 4. Upload the Reporting Form with Your RY2014 Report

Deferred reporting forms must be submitted as part of your RY2014 report. Follow the applicable instructions below for reporters that use e-GGRT webforms or the XML reporting option. 

Note: Back-year reporting forms for Subpart W (Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems) should be uploaded on the Subpart W Overview page.

For Reporters Using e-GGRT Webforms

From the Facility or Supplier Overview page of your RY2014 report, use the "Click Here" link beneath the REPORT DATA table to open the Back Year reporting page.

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In the UPLOAD COMPLETED BACK YEAR REPORTING FORM(S) section of the Back Year reporting page, click the "+ADD an Attachment" link below the table.

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This action will open the Back Year Reporting Upload page. Under "Select the subpart for the uploaded file," click the radio button for the subpart for which you are uploading a deferred reporting form. Click the "Browse" button, select the reporting form file you wish to upload, and click "OPEN." Click the "Upload" button to upload the file and attach it to your RY2014 report.

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This action will return you to the Back Year Reporting page, where the file you uploaded will be listed in the table in the UPLOAD COMPLETED BACK YEAR REPORTING FORM(S) section.

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For XML Reporters

If you submit your RY2014 report using XML, your XML submission must identify the subpart and filename for any deferred submission. For Subpart W Deferred data, your XML must comply with the schema defined in GHG_SubPartW_Deferred_v5.2.xsd.  For other subparts with deferred data, your XML must comply with GHG_FacilitySiteAllDetails_v5.2.xsd and your submission must include your XML and any applicable Excel-based deferred data reporting forms in the .zip file that you upload in e-GGRT. For detailed instructions on how to incorporate deferred data reporting forms in your RY2014 XML submission, see XML Reporting Instructions. 

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