ghgdata Release Notes

FLIGHT Release R.103

CHANGE: Added two new options to the Greenhouse Gas filter: Other Fully Fluorinated GHGs and Very Short Lived Compounds.  Also rearranged the Greenhouse Gas options so that HFCs, PFCs, SF6, NF3, Other Fully Fluorinated GHGs, HFEs, Very Short Lived Compounds, and Other are displayed under the Flourinated GHGs category. 

CHANGE: Improved the Export Data function so that the generated spreadsheets now display the specific search parameters used to filter the data included on the spreadsheet.

FLIGHT Release R.85

NEW: Added ability to filter by Metro Area (Metropolitan Statistical Area). Select a state, then toggle from “County” to “Metro Area” to use this feature.

CHANGE: Included Local Distribution Companies in the state where emissions occur rather than the state from the reported address.

FLIGHT Release R.79

NEW: Reported GHG Data for 2013 has been released for the first time. 2010, 2011 and 2012 data has also been updated.

NEW: Modifications have been made to re-calculate and display reported emissions from 2010-2012 using Global Warming Potentials from the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report to improve comparability between the 2013 reported data set and data from past years.

NEW: Added the ability to “Filter by Status” so users can identify facilities that have not met EPA’s verification requirements and those that have stopped reporting, with and without providing a valid reason.


FLIGHT Release.R.64

NEW: Reported GHG Data for 2012 has been released for the first time. 2010 and 2011 data has also been updated.
NEW: Extensive modifications have been made to allow users to plot trends in GHG emissions from 2010-2012. Trends can be plotted for various industrial sectors by clicking the “trends” icon in the upper right hand corner. A trend line showing the change in each facility’s emissions is also available on the facility profile screen.
FIXED: Performance improvements have been made to the List Views that return larger data-sets faster.


FLIGHT Release.R.48

Modifications have been made to the Interface to allow for display of data reported in 12 new industry types for RY2011, improve usability and to enhance esthetics. 
Main Page; Advanced Search Capability – Added the ability to query for: Facility name, Facility City, Facility County, Facility State, Facility Zip Code, Reporting Program ID, NAICS code and Corporate Parent name. 
Main Page; Added option to view data by data type – Emitters, Suppliers, Onshore Oil & Gas Production, Local Distribution Companies (LDC’s) and CO2 Injection. 
Main Page; Added option to view data by year. 
Data Type; Added Local Distribution Companies (LDC’s) and Onshore Oil & Gas Production Data Layer - Accessible by selecting "Local Distribution Companies" or "Onshore Oil & Gas Production" from the drop down.
List View and Bar Chart; Added option to visualize changes in emissions from 2010 to 2011 for individual facilities and some source categories


FLIGHT Release.R.32

Greenhouse Gas Filter; Modified functionality – This filter populates the facility list with facilities that reported at least one metric ton CO2e of the selected gas(es). Originally, facility and sector GHG emissions totals included all GHGs reported by those facilities with at least one metric ton CO2e of the selected gas(es). Now this facility and sector GHG totals only include emissions of the selected gas(es) once the filter has been applied.

Greenhouse Gas Filter and Emissions Range Slider: Changed page format so that these tools are minimized by default to improve layout of the page. These features can still be accessed by clicking the arrow to the right of the name of the filter.

Suppliers List View; Corrected sorting problem when attempting to sort by GHG emissions.


FLIGHT Release.R.26

Map View; Add ‘Tribal Lands’ button that displays all facilities located on tribal lands.
Facility Profile Page; Added label for facilities that displays the tribal land where they are located.


FLIGHT Release.R.22

Facility Profile Page; Added link that opens a HTML version of the facility's 2010 report where confidential information has been redacted.


FLIGHT Release.R.18

Data Dashboard; Added a wheel icon for subsectors to 'Government and Commercial'.  The subsectors are Universities, Military, Commercial and Hospitals.
Data Dashboard; Added a wheel icon for subsectors to 'Other Industrial'.  The subsectors are Oil and Natural Gas, Food Processing, Ethanol Production, other Manufacturing and Other.
Data Dashboard; Added a wheel icon for subsectors to 'Pulp and Paper'.  The subsectors are Pulp and Papaer Manufacturers and Other Paper Producers.
Global; Changed the unit of measure from KMT to MMT and updated calculations/conversions appropriately.


FLIGHT Release.R.17

List View; Changed the view by 'Sector' button to 'Geography'.
Facility Profile Page; Added fuel types for General Stationary Fuel Combusion Sources to the facililty profile pages.
All Views; Updated the title bar on all views from 'Reported GHG Emissions' to 'Direct GHG Emissions Reported'.
Pie Chart; Corrected a data condition that was causing parts of the chart to display incorrectly for HCFC-22 Prd/HFC-23 Destruction and for Metals - Iron & Steel.


FLIGHT Release.R.16

List View; Added a totals column on the right side of table that displays a total for the row.  The header for this column has the following hover tip "Total reported emissions".
Sector Bar; Added an 'Apply' button to the sector toolbar across the bottom.  This button performs a refresh of the data based on currently selected sectors and parameters.  This replaces the auto-refresh that was being performed on each selection or deselection of a sector.
Landing Page; Added an 'x' to the upper right hand corner of the landing page that dismisses this screen and presents the map view.

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