Revised Subpart W RY15 Reporting Forms, XML Help Page, and Optional Calculation Spreadsheet
Revised Subpart W Reporting Forms

A revised version of the Subpart W RY15 Reporting Form and Subpart W RY15 Supersize Reporting Form have been posted to: This version clarifies reporting requirements and instructions identified by users since February 10, 2016.  No new data elements or schema changes are included in this revision.   Please note that, you may still submit the previous version of the Subpart W RY15 reporting form (dated 2/10/2016) to e-GGRT.

Subpart W XML Reporting Help

To further assist the XML reporting community, additional guidance has been added to the Subpart W XML Reporting Help page at:

Revised Subpart W Optional Calculation Tool

A revised version of the Subpart W RY15 Optional Calculation Tool workbook has been also been posted at: For a detailed description of the revisions please see the document “Subpart W RY15 Calculation Tool Change Log” posted on the same page. 

The use of these optional calculation tool spreadsheets is voluntary. The spreadsheets are meant to support reporters as they complete the e-GGRT reporting process.  You do not need to use EPA’s spreadsheets to perform the calculations for emissions equations, but you do need to keep records of these calculations whether or not you use the calculation spreadsheets provided by EPA. 

Please contact the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Help Desk if you have any questions at:  GHGRP Help Desk or

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