e-GGRT 2014 GHG Reporting Now Open

The electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool (e-GGRT) is now open for 2014 reporting under EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP).  The deadline for submitting your facility’s 2014 annual GHG report is March 31, 2015.

If you have not logged into e-GGRT recently, please note that your e-GGRT password expires every ninety days. Click this link to review an FAQ on how to reset your password

Assistance is available at the GHGRP Help Desk.


EPA will hold a webinar about updates to reporting GHG data for Reporting Year 2014 and how to use the new Inputs Verifier Tool.  This webinar will be divided into two parts.  The first part of the webinar will cover important updates and new features in e-GGRT for RY2014 including back-year reporting, reporting forms, information for XML reporters and more.  The second half of the webinar will focus on how to use the new Inputs Verifier Tool (IVT) which is required for many current reporters in certain subparts.

To learn more about IVT and which reporters are required to use it, please see the October 2014 rulemaking.  

If you will be using IVT, EPA strongly encourages you to attend this webinar so that you are prepared to use this new tool.

Click below to register for a webinar:

What’s New for 2014 Reporting

EPA encourages reporters to allow sufficient time to become familiar with new and expanded features in e-GGRT and to understand reporting requirements for Reporting Year 2014. To this end, we encourage reporters to utilize available training materials and help content.

        Inputs Verification Tracking (IVT)

EPA has developed the Inputs Verifier Tool to check emission calculations without the reporter submitting the inputs to equations to EPA.  This tool is available for certain subparts with inputs to equations data elements for which disclosure concerns were identified.   Some reporters under subpart C have the option to use IVT or report their inputs to equations.

       Deferred Reporting

In August 2011, EPA deferred the reporting deadline for a number of inputs until March 31, 2015. During the 2014 Reporting Year period, EPA will collect those inputs to emission equations data for which disclosure concerns were not identified for Reporting Years 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.  For a list of subparts that are affected by deferred reporting, click here.

Critical Error Checks

EPA has added additional validation checks to the e-GGRT system that, if triggered, must be resolved before a report can be submitted.  EPA encourages reporters to allow sufficient time to review validation messages and correct any errors before submitting reports.

Updated Reporting Forms and Instructions

EPA has made several changes to the e-GGRT application and reporting forms for Reporting Year 2014.  Be sure that you have download the most recent version of the reporting form(s) before you begin preparing your report.

 More Web Forms

Reporters under subparts E, I, O, BB, and CC now use e-GGRT web forms instead of the excel-based reporting forms to prepare their annual reports. 

New GWPs

EPA has added chemical-specific and default global warming potentials (GWPs) for a number of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-GHGs) and fluorinated heat transfer fluids to the general provisions of the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule.  The e-GGRT system reflects these changes.

Additional Information about these changes is available on the GHGRP Help site at www.ccdsupport.com.

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